More Toy Piano, New Songs, Art

April 13, 2017 saw the Middlesex Community College faculty composers concert, organized by Chair Carmen Rodriguez-Peralt, and with her on piano for some pieces. This featured music by myself, David Janssen, Todd Kitchen, and Richard Chowenhill.

My compositions included A Contrivance (2016) for toy piano, and two new pieces—Broke Free for voice and piano, with lyrics by Robert Sozanski, and Humoresque for piccolo and toy piano. I played toy/piano for all three, Kimberly Ayers sang, and Julee Avallone performed on piccolo. It’s been a real joy working with friends lately. Without them, I would not be able to get my music performed.

Broke Free is an excursion into a more folky feel for me. It’s the story of a mill girl, poor working conditions, and tragedy. On the heels of that comes another song, hopefully to be recorded soon—River Detective, also with lyrics by Rob Sozanski. This is a veritable film noir, journeying with Muddy Banks, P.I., who seems to slip back and forth between two lives.

Finally, I have a new commission from the wonderful people at the Brush Art Gallery and Studios. This is a Lowell establishment which I frequent from time to time. I ended up chatting with painter Ioana Singureanu, who, after we traded some info,  eventually asked me, “Do deadlines help you get things done?” Yes, they do! This will be a piece for toy piano and alto recorder. Rob Sozanski will wear his performer’s hat for the recorder part, and of course I will play my toy piano. How nice to have a toy piano! And friends, too.


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