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Aaron Rosenberg teaches private lessons in beginning-intermediate piano and in all levels of musicianship, music theory, and composition at his spacious studio home in downtown Lowell.  His primary strength is in concert/classical/art music, but he happily teach all styles. Currently he has about thirty private piano students and seeks to expand.

Rosenberg has also been teaching undergraduate musicianship and theory at UMass Lowell since 2010 and at Middlesex Community College since 2014.

Rosenberg approaches his students’ unique desires and capabilities with great care, respect, and humor, modeling his expectations on their personal goals, working to foster the joy of musical discovery through any combination of listening, analysis, performance, and composition. You should be happy making and understanding music, and Rosenberg seeks to discover what clicks with you.

Parents and siblings are invited to stay during lessons, and parents of young children are required to. Because of the open-concept layout of the studio, there is not a separate waiting room. Therefore, silence during lessons is appreciated.

Aaron Rosenberg attended the Berklee College of Music, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and the University of Oregon, where he earned a PhD in Music Composition.